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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m.. alllof that snow finally arrived that quickly had things shutting down across colorado. several inches of snow forcing schools and businesses. we saw 4-8 inches in and around denver. >> so we have team coverage of the winter storm as temperatures get even chillier and the roads get even messier.. first we have breaking news. major road closure to tell you about. semi roll over on i-70.
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tell us more. >> this has been causing a lot of bad traffic hangups. >> the drive up to the for us. us. this is i-70 near wallcot. this is mile marker 153. we are talking about that area about 30 miles or so just east of glenwood springs. with i-70 closed down so they could upright that. we have traffic that has been held up there. here in town it's been a much different story. however, there is still a lot of room out to the east includinggi-70 and i-76 the plain highways closed down. this is what it looks like in fort collins. you are seeing black top and roads turning slushy and wet.
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in town as well as we see more traffic on hose roadways and a little bit more wwrmer temperatures to break up that snow. another big headacheup we -- headache we are seeing is the side streets. >> jason, you have seen plows come through, there are still cleared. >> reporter: there are. if you are just waking up at waking up to. plenty of snow to go around here on your cars and right along your side streets and sidewalks. snow here. park. it's clear. denver public works have deployed their residential snowplows. normally c-d.o.t. takes care of the highways and they take care of the main roads but the side streets don't get plowed. plow trucks. they are more like pickup
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them to do one pass. the residential streets. in front of your houss. we actually saw one or two come right through the neighborhoods. right around wash park. you still got to be careful. this snow is packed down and hard to stop on. if your car looks like that, make sure you brush it completely off. it's illegal to not completely
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backback-- jason gran father. we still have the snow that is falling. accumulation we are dealing with at this point is pretty light. it's not going to amount to much at all across the metro and eastern plains. however, it's still just going to effect the roadways. look up north. we are starting to see this break apart. right here is i-25.
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little%s and inside that 470 loop. it will be over the next three hours or so when this will begin to diminish. our temperatures are not going to go anywhere. do not expect a warmup today. it is 9 degrees in leadville. 19 in eagle.
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>> reporter: i will show you some video from earlier. we got to go out on the tarmac and take a look at the snow melters. snow is cleared from the ramp, it's put into piles and scooped there are burners on the bottom and that snow is instantly turned to liquid. the biggest melters are capable snow per hour. we also got to watch some planes being deiced today. plenty of flights are taking off as scheduled.
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here expecting the worse. >> but we are surprised our flight delayed only 20 minutee. but we thought it was canceled. but thousandbut mowwi don't -- but now i don't think it will be 2f minute-- 23 minutes. it will be longer. >> as long as you get there. >> yeah. keep our fingers crossed it's not delayed too much longer. >> reporter: 133 flights canceled today. delays are averaging 70 minutes. be sure to check flight schedules. reporting live lindsay watts denver 7. >> denver police sending out a message in the snowy weather. >> we may be tempted to keep our cars running to keep them warm. it's a vehicle being stolen. this happened last year. watch as the car drives up to this jeep, and then the
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inside the jeep and takes off. it pays to stay with your car as it's warming up. so you will always be in the know when we et severe weather like today. you can download our snowcast app. championship continues in california before sunday's big game fans can enjoy the nfl experience. >> that includes two of the biggest broncos fans we know. our very own eric lupher and of it. >> reporter: we are in the nfl experience. this baby opens up at 3:00 this afternoon. we are getting a sneak peek at this moment. you are a kid in a candy store. >> reporter: i'm on cloud nine. >> reporter: you ready for that was not hard. >> reporter: i'm going long. >> all right. you've got this. you've got this. from the crucial catch to the
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>> reporter: i'm ready. >> reporter: you've got this. i'm impressed my friend. that was pretty good. you should see what i did earlier today. i took out our poor photographer adam stevens. he is believing a bit. this is why we sign waivers. the nfl experience is literally thousands of thousands of square feet fun. and check out eric, he is getting his exercise in too. so you have a little taste of what is here in the nfl experience and what is to come later this week. i'm taking this guy on. >> they are going head to head folks. all of these obstacles. who will come out on top? find out later this week. >> reporter: reporting from the nfl experience in san francisco
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>> reporter: and i'm eric lupher. denver 7 news. >> my money is on lisa. >> mine too. for super bowl week experience stick with denver 7. we will be streaming all of the live coverage live on the denver 7 app. you can follow all of their adventures and we'll have live coverage throughout the day and tonight at 10:00. outrage in one state right now after a school district middle schoolers. >> bill cosby back in court. the latest on this hearing in a moment.
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welcome back. the first contest of the 2016 presidential contest is in the books. and now we officially know the winner on the democratic side after a near virtual tie hillary clinton takes the win over bernie sanders but it was a close one. she won by .2%. clinton was claiming the the win last night. announcement. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing in a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. >> on the republican side texas senator ted cruz came out the victor with donald trump in
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-`cover up of the new york daily news. it stays dead clown walking. if you big ground hogs can predict the weather, get ready shirts, and shorts. phil did not see his shadow so that means spring is coming early. >> that prediction is just what we needed because we are brushing off the snow. unless you are in copper mountain soaking up the snow right now doing some skiing. perfect day to do so. >> i saw yesterday like loveland has 2 inches of snow already. >> and denver received 16 inches in 48 hours. >> beautiful for skiing and boarding. >> the ski resorts are loving it. and you know ho else is loving it today?
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my kids are sitting at home. i said make me a snowman and send me a photograph. still haven't gotten it yet. they are waiting for me to come home. the snow was pretty impressive though. we still have some alerts in place. we have the winter storm `arnings. you will notice the northern portion of the front range. larimer, weld county not included anymore. this should expire in the next 45 minutes ut it does include the eastern plain where we see the snow. but we had some good snow move through over night. looking at the satellite and radar a little bit of it right now. it's definitely starting to break apart. that will continue throughout the day. we will see that clearing from the north and the south. let's show you what ww will be doling been crop you can see the snow is just breaking
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we will still be spotty at timessen but we are going going to a lot bit -- but there is going to be little times when sun. we saw it trying to peee through the clouds. later this evening, look at the clearing we will have across i- 25. it is going to be much clearer and that sunshine will return for us tomorrow. we are just jumping all aaound. i don't know what is taking place. can you guess those numbers? look at them. one, two, one, two. let's see if we can move to another graphic. i don't know what is going on. temperatures 21 degrees. it is cold. the winds are the factor that we are dealing with. that is bringing in all of thht cold aii from the north. 13-degrees in steam boat springs, 19 in eagle. and ddaling with the low to mid
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degrees. let's look at where we go. [ laughter ] unfortunately. i wish we had better news today. the snow will diminish but those temperatures will not climb. looking for a high in 24 in denver if they are going to be walking, make sure you are bundled up. it will be from lightly warm today. 24 in denver. we are looking for highs in the teens and 20s. again that southeast corn aerolittle warmer. pueblo you already beat that there at 30 degrees. seven-day forecast shows the cold sticking around tomorrow. thursday we are into the 30s but we will still be in the single digits. and friday, we are going to be in the 40s. big thing is that we will get the sunshine. and that makes a huge difference. especially when it comes to the
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>> as soon as we get some sun, we will dry out pretty quickly because there are rrads turning to wet with a lot of the snow getting off there. i wanted to show you the c- d.o.t. website. all of these red and black dashes, these are the roads that still remain closed down. one road that just opened just moments ago is highway 287 from fort collins north there from tennis place up to wyoming. that is now open. all of these eastern plains highways remain closed for now and they should be reopening as the day goes on. take a look at c-d.o.t. camera at sixth avenue right near federal. we are starting to ee a little bit more black top. look at i-25 at 110th and 104th. `e are seeing the lane recognition. not so lucky down to the denver
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. he drove by and saw all of that snow and jumped it own helped her out. >> another person living nearby helped too and they cleared 18 inches of snow. super bowl festivities kicked off last night in san jose. j high webster is joining us now. >> it was quite the night. once again it was our guys that stole the show. last night from san jose as we eluded to yesterday they were
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taking interview requests. ng the orange pants to their ensemble. they thought they were flying somehow they managed to convince our resident analyst brandon stokely to join in on the orange fashion state. >> what do you think about it? >> it's very bright. it matches your skin tone perfectically. >> what do you think about my jacket? >> it's orange which is good. >> what is this? >>the team is staying in palo alto. it remains the reeson why they are in california as one of the two remaining teams chasing the lombardy trophy. -`>> i'm playing in my fourth super bowl which i'm grateful for. but i'm happy for the guys playing in their first one.
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our first practice today. it's just an awesome situation. i'm glad to be a part of it. be amazing. but to be able to do it with the broncos, teaa i grew up watching, it would be phenomenal. >> and it would be a treat for broncos country. recent sseech released today football city. that is college, that is it would be nice to have a parade to show them why they are number one. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> i thought we would be even higher but six is even better. >> green bay is number one. tara over there loves that. and clemson is number two. clemson, south carolina. they just have -- >> they've got loyal fans. >> they are not more loyal than bronccs fans. i can speak from experience. it. >> all right.
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well about 200 uber drivers staged a nosey protest in san francisco. i guess you call this a honk in about a recent cut in pay. they traveled tooether with over two counties. >> people didn't know what was happening was really confused. customers may appreciate the new savings but these drivers say they are too low to survive. >> they are coming up with different packages. they have cut drivers pay ann it's just ridiculous to try to survive off of the pay they are giving us now. >> uber drivers in new york city also protested the price cuts yesterday. uber started lowering fares in select citiesslast month. the company says it's a way to increase demand for the service. clive bundy is ordering protests to keep occupying a wildlife refuge. he made that request from jail. this comes after his son urged
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him and bundy will be back in court today asking for release with a gps ankle bracelet until his trial. controversy in san francisco over a school boards proposal to provide condoms to students as young as sixth grade. >> middle school students are considering this right now. it shouldn't be up to the schools to make this decision. the san francisco unified school district says its work at the high school level where this program has been in placee for 25 years. >> we believe that with the education and it actually lessens the amount of sexual activity. lessens the amount of sexually transmitted diseases. >> it should be the parents on top of this. >> the san francisco school district says a recent surveyed
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students say that they have had sex. layoffs are coming to yahoo. a move that could help it keep the company. the cuts could amount to 50% of the 11,000 employees. in the past 3.5 years the ceo hasn't made progress to turn around the financial performance. yahoo is struggling to keep up with facebook and with google. whether you're about to jump in a car or plane, we will through this winter storm. >> we will tell you if the snowfall is over and done with or more to come in the next few days. >> and you have to stick around for this one.
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you are watching denver 7. it's now 11:30. if you have a choice between staying mane going out, i would suggest stay in. the winter storm has caused all sorts of problems today. >> it is about lunchtime. >> if you have to head out, we have you covered this morning. we are tracking traffic conditions enever changing temperatures. >> let's check in with jayson luber with the latest on the road closure on i-70. >> that is way up in the mountains near wallcot not too far if you already going into glenwood canyon. but we are looking at actually better road conditions. not only in the high country
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take a look at i-25. as i move the cameras to different sop spots around town, you can see the lane markers in a lot of locations. you can still seeing slush and ice in a lot of spots. including i-70, outtto the west side of i-70 and also along sixth avenue. you can still find some nasty stuff. but down to the south, you are still goinggto find very heavy traffic for us this morning. guys, i'm tossing it ovee to you. >> very good. thank you jason. 11:31 now. >> we want to check on the weather now. it's been snowing throughout the morning. dayle, can we expect this to continue throughout the day today? 3 >> we will see the snow off and on throughout the first half of the morning. you will see it continue and then it wiil taper off this afternoon. look at the radar. we can see it breaking apart. things are looking quiie a bit better up there and even moving into the metro area. not seeing as much snow as we were. blowing snow is the issue in many locations.
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it's chilly. we are only in the 20s for most of the state. teens in the high country with a few single digits and the warmup is not going to occur for a couple days. this afternoon staying in the 20s. however, we will start to see a little clearing. starting to get a little bit of melting in some spots where a lot of the cars are driving. and over night anything that did melt will drop to the teens and freeze. but we do warm up. there is light at the end of the tunnel. we'll take you that and show you the fall toe teas -- totals. so this winter weather has canceled about 133 flights at dia. a lot of canceled anticipation of all the snow. delays are averaging 70 minutes. >> denver 7 linnsay watts is live at the airport with us for an update.
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watching the boards, and a lot of flights are delayed this morning. some are still leaving on time. even despite the weather. notice the orange and blue to support the broncos. earlier dia took us on to the tarmac to see how it deals with storms like this one. we got to see the snow melters. they are dumppd into big piles and scooped into melters. the largest of the melters can take care of 600 tons of snow in an hour. pretty impressive. we got to watch planes being deiced. for now we are not seeing the travel trouble we did yesterday when more than 500 flights were canceled. they said the drive from westminster was the biggest challenge. >> it's awful and the road is not plowed. so we thought oh my gosh, are
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>> how long did it take you? >> it usually takes us about 45 minutes. it took us a little over an hour today. >> we are going on a foot of snow at the airport. i'm sure happy to be inside this time around because it's been a cold and windy morning. >> don't forget to download our snowcast app so you can find out how much snow is heading to your area. some new developments now about that deadly brawl at the motorcycle expo in denver this past weekend. although no one has been arrested, we are told derrick duran is on administrative leave. we just got this picture frrm the organization that represents the motorcycle clubs across the nation. still not clear if this man with the gun is the suspected shooter. police are asking witnesses to help with this investigation now.
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you can help solve a crime. the jeffco-says men into in and for -- the denver broncos are doing fine after their bus got into a bit of an accident on the way back from practice. no one hurt but the front windshield was smashed just a bit. >> i'm kind of disappointed not to see the sweater on. but we forgive you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah the swwater and the orange pants and actually the broncos jacket will be coming out a little bit later. but today we are back to normal here. we are llve from the santa clara marriott. that is the broncos team behind me. peyton manning prominently displayed on the wall there. press conferences will be held here. as we move over here, the pressers will take place in
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we will hear from greg kubiak and peyton manning again. again. we heard from him last night. super bowl opening night. extravaganza of hype and media at the s.a.p. center. peyton was a rock star. walking across the golden gate bridge and talking to the thousands of media types on hand. the broncos did get some business done. peyton told his closest friends he plans to retire after this game. brandon stokely told us peyton hasn't told us anything. and peyton was asked last night is this true? is this the last rodeo? >> reporter: all right. i guess we don't have that interview. peyton said he doesn't know if it's the last rodeo. so that is where we stand.
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one of his closest friends told us he doesn't think peyton will retire or know if he will retire. might be his last game. i'm ssre we will get the same questions and answers every day so far. we will talk more with peyton manning later today and we'll also talk to brandon stokely on the chase for the championship. and also stay with us on facebook, twitter, pareira scope, we are live throughout the whole day from super bowl 50. we will take you behind the scenes and show you what we are doing. that is it for now. peyton manning will talk in a few minutes. we'll have the latest on 7 sports extra. >> always a great time. media. >> and hopefully we will hear him this time. >> yeah. thank you. >> thank you. one teen stole the show during media day. austin is a capser survivor and was asked to join the nfl coverage. he even got to interview peyton manning.
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so you know this is your fourth super bool appearance and obviously it's super bowl 50. it's a big time for you. how special is this super bowl than maybe your others or any of the other games? how special is to you? >> well, it's special because you are here. [ laughter ] and maybe aside from dion possibly the best dressed man in this room as we speak. so i appreciate you asking the question. % >> hire him. he is good. good little interviewer there. could you imagine how intimidating it would be to interview peyton manning and 14 years old doing that. austin said he felt ready. i say he is off to a great start. >> he is so smooth. dealing with all of this snow can be a headache. we have a way to turn this winter storm into a sweet treat. after the break we will show
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>> just when you think you have seen it all. a baby hits the slope. >> all of the snow we are seeing is fantastic news for our ski resorts. so good. this is your forecast. temperatures in the low 20s. it will be slow, it will be icy, it will be slick. tomorrow morning even though the snow will have stopped and get clearingg it is going to be frigid temperatures in the
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>> welcome back. snow isn't your idea of fun we have ideas on what might change your mind. >> might. we ave found snow recipes that could make tasty treats. you could make what people in england call leather braves. it sounds liking this mt. south. if you heat up maple syrup in a pan to around 234 degrees and drizzle it in strips over packed snow because it cool so quickly it transforms the snow into a taffy like treat that can be put on a pop sickle -`treat. >> and kids if you are listening to this, do it with
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>> if you have any candy canes left over from the holidays this snow cream treat could be good or you. >> i have to say this as a disclaimer, i asked lisa about eating snow in the past, she says it's not the best idea. >> here's two things when it comes to snow. one, if it's yellow, don't eat it. >> we know that. >> two yes, do you know what the falls through? perfectically clean. snow. scoop off the top layer and run it through a coffee filter you will see all the deposits. now be if it's clean snow, have at it. snow. >> plus everything we had in
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in it so your dentist would appreciate you doing the science experiment. >> or just add kalula and it will kill anything in there. for adults. not kids. we have a lot of snow if you want to make one of these things. maybe a snow man though. i have not gotten one photographhfrom anyone at home. i know all of these kids are out of school today. so please, if you did build a snowman, send me a photograph. allens park 18 inches of snow. 16 in jenn see. tinytown had a little more than a foot. fort collins around 11-12 inches. westminster 9-12-inches. there are some locations that saw as little as four inches of snow. it is starting to disappear. doesn't mean it's gone and
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completely gone later on this african. ww are starting to see it break apart which means it is not losing the momentum it had and that will continue through the afternoon. here's that statewide view. you can see the snow just spinning off to the east. the eastern plains ill continue to see some of the snow through the afternoon. mostly flurries for us across the i-25 door. in the high country it will continue. look at the niceeclearing we get and on to the eastern plains. as we move this forward, we will be dealing with clearer skies which will be nice. we will want the sunshine to dry off the terror -- they were cold today. early tomorrow morning we will very if you are heading up to
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teens innthe high country. eagle 19. out of the eastern plains a little warmer. some mid 20s at burlington. it is going to be incredibly cold tomorrow morning. that will be a factor for anyone who walks to school orr work. highs today in the low 20s.. few locations will be a little warmer fort collins and greeley because you get that clearing. i don't knowwif you will notice that difference when you step outside between 24 and 27. tomorrow still ppetty chilly. we go from that 24-27. sunshine will make a big -`difference. if you are in the sun tomorrow, it will not feel too bad. thursday and friday, there is the beginning of our warmup. >> super bowl sunday. >> that is why it should be the bright spot. >> yes.
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sunshine, we going to have dry roads by tomorrow as soon as we get some sunshine. a lot of the roads are turning wet right now. this is the map of all the roads that are closed down still on the eastern plains. it includes i-70, i-76 and many of those highways are still closed down and will be until we see the storm move out and get more plowing done on those roadways. take a look at c-d.o.t. cameras. this is what we are seeing right now as we take a look at the drive down at i-25 and founders parkway. it's turning more wet and sloppy which is really good news for us as we can get some of this snow like here in the denver tech center plowed off. we will see road improvements. look at highway 36 at federal. looking a little better for us on some of the side streets. many of them especially the neighborhood routesswill be really tough. you saw there along smith road and university where this young
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you can see the black top here. jason gruenauer has been checking on some of the neighborhoods around washington park. what does it look like out there jason? >> reporter: if you can imagine trying to -- it's hard for me to walk. imagine trying to drive through this. this is the sii inches of powder they got here right on the edge of washington park. but the good news, denver public works has dispatched their residential plows. you can look up and down and see they are clear in these and the streets surrounding wash park. there is enough snow fell they put that into motion. that plan that they have when large amounts of snowfall make it easier for drivers. however, you are trying to pull out like this guy, it will be a little tough. you may have to dig your car out and as you head out, make sure you take it slow because it's hard to stop on this kind of pavement.
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everyone is still talking about cam newton's fashion
11:41 am
all eyes were on the panthers cam newton's pants. >> you remember the zebra pants? we showed them to you yesterday. take a look. >> reporter: should quarterback cam newton get penalized for those pants? >> it's a femaless. >> it's ugly. i'm sorry to say but it's ugly. >> they are a little too loud for my taste. >> sheik and not cheap they are versace and sell around $850. they may have been sold out before the carolina panthers quarterback wore them. he possd for his teammate, actually the flamboyant quarterback was restrained. at least he didn't wear the matching shirt. one guy on twitter compared cam
11:42 am
wait a second were cam's pants black? those. those. no. >> would you wear them? >> i think i would. he is totally rocking them. >> it's good. >> it's good? >> reporter: note matching gold toed, gold heeled loafers. but what is a panther doing wearing zebra? after all in africa a.e panther has spot -- africa a panther has spots. a meteorologist joked cam newton's pants were from the yocopi collection that is a relative of the giraffe. but most buys were not ready for zebra pants. no tighter than his uniform. besides, no one complains that this guy wears his stripes skin
11:43 am
talk about back field in motion. you are cruising. >> she is cruising. this little one is lovvng the snow in utah. at 14 months that is sloan henderson. thhy started to try out the slopes. their parents say she loves it. >> i'm amazed by all of these little kids that do this. >> it's great to learn that early. >> it is. impressive. [ laughter ] that is denver 7 photo journalist major king getting his shoveling on this morning. he recorded his time lapse of his snow adventures. >> he is burning some calories. >> after getting up super early to clear the snow from his home in fort collins at least he took the hard work in stride. >> look at the mound of that. >> how long did that take him i wonder.
11:44 am
don't try to do it that fast you might hurt your back. >> or heart. >> it's wet. it's a really wet snoo. it is starting to break apart. i'm seeing a little bit of clearing. doesn't mean you will see beautiful blue skies just not dealing with that snow. that will clear through this evening.
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